About Us

Let us help you reduce the emotional stress, the time and costs of your divorce while maximizing assets (with or before you choose a divorce lawyer). Learn how we do it.

Parting Company Divorce Solutions was established by Karen Archibald, CGA, MBA, CDFA, Mediator, proud single mother of three, entrepreneur and creator of a practical, affordable, impartial solution to financial issues arising from a divorce.

Having witnessed first hand the emotional and financial toll that divorce took on her friends and in her own family, Karen was compelled to find a better way to get a divorce and set out to develop it.
Already a CGA with years of financial and business experience, Karen quickly enrolled in and obtained her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation. Considered as important as her financial expertise, Karen trained in The Seven Elements of Principled Negotiation developed at Harvard to finalize what a new divorce methodology should look like.

It is Parting Company and Karen’s sincerest hope to help you during this difficult time.